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Cisco Memory & Flash, Mainly Used for Cisco Router and Switch

February 23 2012 , Written by Cisco & Cisco Router, Network Switch Published on #Cisco Modules - Cisco Cables - Cisco Memory

I usually share some information and ideas about Cisco network equipments in yahoo answers, friends from different vocations can talk about Cisco products. And recently, I pay more attention to Cisco memory and flash, so I would like to share some info about Cisco memory and flash with friends who want to buy Cisco memory.


Firstly, let’s see some questions asked by Cisco fans in Yahoo answer

Where can i get online Cisco FLASH memory in us?”

“Where can I find Cisco Memory?”

“What type of memory for Cisco 2811 Routers? Registered or Unbuffered?”

What kind of memory does cisco 3640 router needs?

“I want to upgrade my memory router. But I didn't know which kind of memory I should buy. Mine has 64 Mb , occupied half of them. I still need to create 4 virtual serial adapters (9 already). My service provider required us to buy extra memory (256Mb)”

“What is the max memory on a Cisco 3640 Router?”

“Where can i get online Cisco FLASH memory in us?”


From the questions above, we generally get the points that Cisco users concerned: where to buy, the price, the type…


Looking for a memory upgrade for your equipment? There are some Cisco memories for Cisco router 1800/2800/3800, Cisco 1900/2900/3900, for Cisco switch 4000/4500, switch 6000/6500


MEM1800-128CF Details

Product Type Flash memory card

Storage Capacity 128 MB

Form Factor CompactFlash Card

Compatible Slots 1 x CompactFlash Card


Notes: RouterSwitch.com is a professional Cisco supplier who can provide almost all the Cisco

items for customers.

Cisco routers: Cisco 800/1800/1900/2800/2900/3800/3900/7200/7600,

Cisco switches: Cisco Catalyst 2960/3560/3750/4500/6500, etc.

Other products like Cisco Firewalls Security, Cisco IP Phones VOIP, Cisco Wireless AP, Cisco Modules & Cards, Cisco Cables Accessories, Cisco Optics Modules, Cisco Memory & Flash, and Cisco Power Supply also offered.


Tips: The flash memory on a router cisco is for the system image, startup config (via NVRAM emulation), VLAN and firewall configuration, and possibly a backup or alternative version of any of the above.


More guide: Guide: Cisco Memory Helps You Stretch IT Budget

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