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5 Points for Effective Communication Network Design

Written by Cisco & Cisco Router, Network Switch Published on #Networking

5 Points for Effective Communication Network Design

Frankly, it’s not easy to build a good network for your business? What do you consider while designing a network? A network specialist who works for the U.S. Military shared his experience and ideas of creating network solutions. What did he say about the Communication Network Design? Let’s take a look.

From Joe Loda…This systematic process for assessing and creating military-grade communication networks is the result of years of systems engineering work in which I learned the power of identifying key components essential to the successful use of a network. They are:

Security – Why types of information will be allowed to safely travel through the network?

Technology – What hardware and software is needed to connect the communication points?

Access – Who will be able to send/receive information over this network?

Performance - How quickly and via what paths will the information need to travel?

Scale – What is the maximum amount of users and information that need to be accommodated at any point in time?

By answering the questions above and understanding its intended use prior to developing a solution, I can save my clients significant time, headaches, and money while improving overall expectations. Here’s an example…

Not All Big Systems Issues Require Big Fixes

At a recent military exercise, networks were installed at various locations to practice an actual deployment. When deployed, the military must bring virtually everything they need. Things like a mission plan, satellite communication technology, computers, cable, phones, tables, chairs, tents, heating, and much, much more. As they set up, they put together their communication networks so they can talk to one another locally and between locations. Just like a rapid response team for the police, or firefighters, they must execute this process as quickly and effectively as is humanly possible. These communications systems in real deployment situations have the power to save lives – but only if they work.

In the case of this military exercise, the video conferencing was choppy and failing. We determined where, within this extremely complex remote communication system, the problem was occurring. Without a systematic approach like the one above, it would be easy to randomly test a multitude of components where the video communication was failing – costing the military precious hours of functionality. Instead, we applied the 5-point checklist above and quickly determined the problem was the result of a simple setting change that would finally enable the video conference to transmit acceptably over the satellite connection. Just one small tweak and the network was functioning optimally.

Proven Process + Unbiased Approach = Robust Systems That Aren’t Over-Complicated

At Canyon Applied Technologies, we’re committed to seeking the best ways to develop and integrate communications systems that are military-grade in performance, while maintaining a level of simplicity to the design. Because we are not associated with any particular technology solution, we are able to independently assess a client’s needs and offer a truly honest recommendation regarding their ideal solution.

Joe Loda is founder of Canyon Applied Technologies. He has 15+ years experience creating military-grade communications networks using his systems engineering expertise.

Info from http://www.csuiteinsider.com/5-point-checklist-communicaton-network/

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