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One Platform Kit (onePK) for Developers

August 6 2013 , Written by Cisco & Cisco Router, Network Switch Published on #Cisco & Cisco Network

Cisco onePK, short for One Platform Kit, is an easy-to-use developer’s toolkit for innovation, automation, and service creation. onePK delivers the benefits of network programmability on Cisco routers and switches. onePK allows you to tie your network more effectively to ever changing application needs, providing improved business agility and decreased opex. onePK allows your network’s power to be unleashed in new ways for a faster, more flexible, and intelligent infrastructure.

What Problems Does It Help Solve?

Need for deeper access to information stored within network devices

Need to exercise greater or more precise control over flows and routes

Need to extract particular packets for modification and reinjection

Need to improve quality of service based on custom parameters

Need to add services to the network without making a huge infrastructure investment

Need to allow programmers to augment network operation in response to application-specific business logic

Need to bridge the operational gap between disparate systems

Need to deploy a gateway or network service without adding hardware or constraining functionality based on physical connectivity


Applications of onePK for Specfiic Customer Types

Improve visibility and control over network operations (all market segments)

Reduce hardware footprint for new services or gateway functions (enterprise and service provider)

Automate new service provisioning for customers (cloud service provider)

Deliver more consistent quality of service to multimedia service customers (service provider)

Achieve higher levels of data security when transmitting over untrusted networks (government/defense)

Improve the perceived speed of the application to users of hyperscale data center services (for example, social media websites)

Orchestrate new services or additional resources more quickly and cost-effectively (data centers and service providers)

Modify packets to enhance security, reliability, or performance for customers (data centers and service providers)

One Platform Kit (onePK)

onePK is a flexible development environment that supports C or Java programs. Your source code can be written and compiled using any tools that you want. The onePK infrastructure is built right into the operating system of all Cisco platforms and communicates with the onePK presentation layer, supporting the developer’s C or Java programs.


This architecture gives users maximum deployment flexibility. onePK along with Cisco’s container support allows the user to host applications on the device processor board, a services blade available with some Cisco platforms or a separate server, that communicates to the onePK infrastructure using a secure communications channel.

Because the API is consistent across all Cisco platforms, the developer can write an application once and have that application deployed on any switch or router.


What Are the Benefits of onePK?

Build, automate, improve: Create new or improve existing applications and services, increase productivity

Speed and faster adaptability: Provide flexibility for rapidly changing business needs and reduced operating costs

Extend: Extend the functionality of your network

New Revenue Opportunities: Provide monetization of new applications or services, create services more quickly with code that you can write once and run anywhere


Simplicity, integration, and the power of choice

Utilize with your programming language and tools of choice

Run it on any server or right in the network device


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