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IP Phone Recommendation: Why Cisco IP Phone 7962?

October 22 2012 , Written by Cisco & Cisco Router, Network Switch Published on #Cisco Routers

Cisco 7962 is a “must buy” IP phone product in the market. Compare to many other IP phone products in the market, Cisco 7962 is still the best, in term of quality and its affordable price. Cisco 7962 has many great features that definitely will benefit your communication needs.


Excellent features of Cisco Unified IP Phone 7962

Here are some great features you will only find in Cisco 7962 phone:

Cisco 7962 is the latest product of high class ip phone that extends the functionality and features of the existing Cisco Unified IP Phone 7961G

Cisco 7962 has better quality in its audio feature, which is loved by most people as it has the ability to produce high quality audio using the best speakerphone attached inside this smart phone.

The improved feature also done with the Internet Low-Bitrate-Codec (iLBC) support which gives you the best internet browsing feature with the freedom to surf any information you need.

This cisco 7962g phone has better service and features compared to other cisco series or even other smart phones, which enables you to have better communication with the best feature for messaging, web browser, and entertainment.

Cisco 7962 has better applications of voice, video, data and mobile applications that will make it easier for you to handle all of your business or the social networking in a simple way by only using this smart phone.

One important application that you will get in this phone is the one that we call as the institutional workspace. In addition to that, the phone will also enable you to quickly access various information, such as weather condition, stock price, or various web-based news, etc.


All right, Cisco Unified IP Phone 7962 has been famous among people with many updated features compared to other cisco series or other type of IP phones, including the extended features of the interface and the abilities in increasing the quality of communication. This type of IP phones are one of the technology that you must have to get the best out of the latest communication technology in this era.



Cisco 7962 Review

Cisco 7962 is basically a full featured IP phone which is full with the high technology feature of the audio and the abilities to support your communication. For the sake of the best quality of communication you will get the best quality speaker and headset which designed for a wideband audio which is considered as the most preferable feature by most of people to be included in their mobile phone. The phone has a large, 4-bits gray scale graphical LCD which provides features like time and date, calling-party’s name, calling-party’s number, dialed digits, and presence information.


Those features will give you more than just a smart phone in your hand but a brilliant phone which has the complete useful features to support your communication such as the feature of the calling image. You can also set the tones for each person’s number and add the images that will appear when she or he is calling your Cisco 7962. As a kind of IP Phones this magical phone also give you the easiness of browsing the internet. You will get the fastest internet browsing.


This Cisco 7962 also gives you the best application of IP Telephone of the internet browsing which has the high speed performance through the connection. You will get the satisfying internet connection with less waiting time than the common web browsing in your IP Phone 7962G. As the mean of social networking you will also get the easy connection to facebook, twitter, email, and other social networks. You will have to input your email and password and you will just click the direct button interface to your account.


As a conclusion there are many benefits that you can get from this 7962G from the complete application for communication and the social networking activities that you can do from your hand. You have to make sure that you get the best quality of smart phone that is the Cisco 7962.


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