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Huawei, Will Exceed Cisco, Google in the Future?

April 26 2011 , Written by ciscorouterswitch Published on #Cisco Technology - IT News


Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, announced that they are confident of exceeding Cisco and Google in the future.


Over the past 23 years, Huawei has developed fast and achieved many great targets as a world-leading telecom solutions provider. It shares a certain market with Cisco and other competitors. Now, as the cloud computing bringing a great revolution in IT industry, Huawei puts aside its mystery and try to promote itself. Indeed, the policy of more communicating with public, media may help Huawei better improve its image as a leader in telecom industry. Cisco VS Huawei VS Google, who will take the first place in the IT field? It’s hard to say, because everyone has its own advantages.


Recently, Cisco also announced that it quit on the Flip to enhance its strongs of telecom solution. It’s obvious that the main competitors among telecom industry try to put most effort on researching more advanced solution to mobile net as the IT industry develop so fast.


Although other competitors such as Huawei, Juniper, Aruba, HP, etc. shared a certain market with Cisco around the world, Cisco’s always sticking to its strong points including supplying networking solution to medium and large enterprises. Cisco’s technology of safety, diversity, meets the medium-to-large sized business’ need.


Nowadays, as the cloud computing technology springs up and mobile telecommunication grows fast, telecom equipment manufacturers including Cisco, Huawei, HP, Microsoft, Brocade, etc. try to adjust its market and technology policies to help themselves better survive in market.


For routers, switches and computers becoming increasingly central to the digitalization of all kinds of industries, so no matter what policy Cisco, Juniper or Huawei takes, they can balance their market in the different aspects. Huawei PK Cisco, no winner, maybe cooperator.


Notes:Cisco, as the world’s leading telecom equipment designer and manufacturer, it owns many famous networking products among consumers, such as family, SOHO, small business, medium and large enterprises. Follow here to see hot Cisco products… 

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