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Cisco, the major networking, makes a line of wireless routers that come under the Linksys name. Linksys wireless devices and those made under the Cisco name are set up in the same manner. It is always best to look at the instructions that came with your router if you have them for specifics when it comes to setting up security passwords and using the advanced user options, but standard configuration is quite simple


What you need preparing: Internet service, Ethernet cable, Computer


Instructions to Configure Cisco Wireless

1. Connect your Internet service line from your Internet source to the port marked Ethernet on the back of your Cisco router. Check the LED on the front of the device to see if the router reads the cable.

2. Look for the IP address that is printed on the back label of your router, or in the instruction booklet. 

3. Type the IP address into an Internet browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) and press the return key. A setup page for your router will appear. 

4. Go to the "Setup" tab and select the general setup page. Find the local IP address section and insert the IP address Press the "Renew IP address" button to save.

5. Type into your browser and press return. The setup will again appear.

6. Press the "Status" tab and check the IP address value. Click "DHCP release," then click "DHCP renew" if the IP address is a series of zeroes. 

7. Click the "Wireless" section and go to the security setup. Type in an appropriate user name and password for yourself and save the changes. You will now be able to access your router wirelessly.

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