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How to Change a TACACS Password in a Cisco 3750

September 9 2011 , Written by ciscorouterswitch

TACACS stands for Terminal Access Control Access-Control System. It lets administrators manage passwords and configurations on a number of routers using a single server. In larger enterprises, where there are many routers required to maintain the infrastructure, updating an entire network's configuration from a single reference point makes managing hundreds of systems a quick task. You will need to authenticate with the TACACS server before deploying a new configuration.




1. Log into the Cisco 3750 using your SSH client or a direct cable link. Supply your administrative user name and password and connect to the IP address specified by your system administrator.


2. Type "Tacacs-server host <ip>." Replace <ip> with the Internet Protocol address of the TACACS host server.


3. Type "password <password>" where "<password>" is your current TACACS password.


4. Type the command "tac_plus_executable -P -C <config path>." This command will invoke the TACACS server and set it into password replacement mode. The -C parameter will allow you to specify a configuration file that contains a list of user names and passwords authorized to access routers on the TACACS network.



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