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Friendly Environment, Harmonious Communication Required

April 22 2011 , Written by ciscorouterswitch Published on #Cisco Technology - IT News

Today when I open ‘google search’, its ico has been changed into a picture of nature containing rill, waterfall, tree, lake, animals, etc. , the beautiful scene attract us and also remind us of protecting our living environment as well as increasing natural disasters, such as earthquake, tsunami, flood, drought… all of these warn human beings that we need live friendly with world.


Owing to fast social development, it’s obvious that process of urbanization becomes faster and faster, the distance among people is becoming closer and closer. Besides more modern buildings and heavy traffic, another important factor that tightly connect country to city is telecommunication.


Speak of telecommunication, what things will come to you mind? Internet? Media? Or Mobile phones? Indeed, we are engaged in a mobile internet world, more things and problems we can solve through internet. So no matter what industry you take, it’s vital for you to finish work by internet, or other electronic communication, it’s very important for you to communicate with our society, out nature and our world friendly and harmoniously. 


For the larger consumption of energy and more serious environmental challenges, actions to handle these may be not too far to everyone or industry. Take some examples, The Envision Charlotte initiative has set a goal of reducing energy use by up to 20 percent within its perimeter through greater education of citizens and use of information technology. BC Hydro in Vancouver just announced that it will roll out 1.8 million smart meters based on Itron’s OpenWay technology, powered by Cisco ( world’s top networking equipment designer, e.g. Cisco router, Cisco switch, have you ever used?), to enable a more efficient grid and foster the use of renewable energy. And the city of Incheon, Korea is building in sustainability from the ground up.


So with the effort of all the human beings, the world, which makes us closer with modern transportation and communication (such as internet, media, newspaper, magazine, etc.), is becoming more harmonious, more comfortable, closer, safer and smarter. 

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