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Do You Twitter Today?

June 29 2011 , Written by ciscorouterswitch Published on #Cisco Technology - IT News

Twitter, a very attractive website, offers a social networking and microblogging service, enabling its users to send and read messages called tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the user's profile page.


I knew twitter long ago, but I haven’t joint it until so many people play with it today. When my fiends talked twitter with me, celebrities, movies, entertainment, gossip, etc. I think that it is so fantastic to chat and share interesting and exciting things and experience on twitter. No matter who you are, just join it and share something, new world will be opened in front of you.


After I joined twitter, I feel that it gives me a new horizon, such as history, military, politics, literature, philosophy, technology, etc. so many professional people in the different fields can offer you enough info to help you know the world’s every aspect.


Some people usually like to ask each other: “Can you live today without twitter?” Oh, no, it’s hard to imagine the life without twitter. If you are a twitter fan, you know it.


Someone define “without twitter, the world will be like this” as the following drawing:



I am an editor, I deeply feel that to chat and share ideas with friends by tweeting are so important to me. Indeed, I can get some inspiration from someone’s twitter; for example, I need to find some news and details about Cisco, Cisco network product like Cisco router, Cisco switch, Firewall security, etc. When I have no idea about that, I can use twitter to find some friends who are experts of Cisco and Cisco networking equipment, to ask them about the Cisco’s details: Cisco is for what; what are router and switch used for; Do we need them in our daily life; how to use it. So no matter you are a personal, a group, or an enterprise, twitter is so necessary for you to connect you to outside world and others.        Now, “Twitter or not today!” is becoming a fashion around us.


Tips: More related social websites: Facebook, Myspace, Friendster you should know.

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