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Cisco IP Phone, Designed with Multimedia Video and Voice Communication

October 10 2011 , Written by Cisco & Cisco Router, Network Switch Published on #Cisco Switches - Cisco Firewall

With a Cisco Unified IP Phone, you can help your business benefit from the productivity-building capabilities of next-generation communications and collaboration, which now includes Multimedia Video and Voice Communication. These industry-leading IP endpoints are designed to maximize network powered communications and collaboration.


Take full advantage of converged voice and data networks while retaining the convenience and user-friendliness you expect from a business phone. Cisco Unified IP Phones can help improve productivity by meeting the needs of users throughout your organization. Advanced media endpoints in this innovative suite of Cisco Unified IP Phones enhance the end-user experience.

Cisco IP PhonesCisco IP Phone provides a comprehensive portfolio of wired and wireless IP handsets from basic lobby phones up to video enabled touch screen executive models. Models with the Cisco proprietary protocols are designed for deployment with a Cisco call processing server such as Callmanager or a Callmanager Express router. Phones with the SIP protocol can be configured to work with open source systems supporting the SIP protocol.


Have you used a Cisco IP Phone? Are you clear about Cisco IP Phones VOIP? Which one is the most popular Cisco IP Phone? What does Cisco Unified IP Phone bring to you? What benefit do you get from Cisco IP Phone? If these questions you can answer quickly? Congratulations, you en joy what Cisco IP Phones take for you…


To get know about some hot Cisco IP Phone types

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7900 SeriesCisco IP Phone7960

  • Come equipped with expanded memory to support graphics-intensive applications and value-added services.
  • Power options, including a choice of PoE, Cisco Inline Power, or local power through an optional power adaptor.
  • High-resolution colour displays, touch screen functions, and Gigabit Ethernet switch ports for fast communications access.
  • Support for the Cisco Unified Video Advantage and VT Camera III application for video communications.

Tips: The exact Cisco IP Unified IP Phone 7900 series, including CP-7911G, CP-7911G-CH1, CP-7906G, CP-7931G, CP-7937G, etc. The key features of Cisco IP Phone 7900 series you can visit routerswitch.com.


Cisco Unified IP Phone 8900 Series  

  • Large, backlit, vibrant high-resolution fully-adjustable color display enhances user experience with easy viewing.
  • Delivers rich multimedia communications and advanced features in a design that is both user- and eco-friendly.
  • The phones support the optional Cisco Unified Video Advantage and VT Camera III application for video communications.
  • High-definition voice (HD voice) provides superior audio performance with HD voice headset, handset, and speaker support.


Cisco Unified IP Phone 9900 Series

  • Portfolio of advanced collaborative media endpoints.
  • Ideal for knowledge professionals, administrative staff, managers and executive offices.
  • Includes Bluetooth, USB integration, higher-resolution colour displays, high-def voice (HD voice) and interactive business video support on all models with touch screen access and Wi-Fi integration on selected models.
  • Interactive, high-performance business video accelerates decision making.


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