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Cisco Expands Wi-Fi Coverage for Fans in the Sports Stadium and Entertainment Venues

July 11 2011 , Written by ciscorouterswitch Published on #Cisco Routers

Cisco announced its Connected Stadium Wi-Fi initiative which includes an enhanced access point, improved antennas and services to further its leadership in networking and telecommunications.


Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi provides high-capacity; blanket Wi-Fi coverage on a converged and customizable network for all persons in attendance at the event, including employees, back office and press operations. It is generally available in stadiums, arenas and other congested environments. Fans are demanding a new set of services and with this access to Wi-Fi you'll be able to see app providers and physical service providers deliver a new experience in live venues. Other uses of the technology include the ability for fans to watch video highlights, view stadium information and allows operators and venue owners the use of advertising on the network for additional revenue.


Core to the solution is Cisco’s first purpose-built access point, the Aironet 3500p, an evolution of the Aironet 3500 that was announced last year, and designed to meet the performance and aesthetic needs of high-density environments. This new access point optimizes performance through a high-density directional antenna and special configuration that allows precise focus of the wireless airwaves into a concentrated area. Each venue is different, and Cisco said that each system of access points will need to be tailored depending on the size and structure of the venue. Cisco retails each access point at $1,500 and said that a stadium which seats 50,000 fans would need around 350 access points for full coverage.


With the increase of fans using smartphones and tablets to share daily info, experience and work, the Wi-Fi Coverage in the Sports Stadium and Entertainment Venues is expanded, which is benefiting people who like to work or share things in public, such as Starbucks, bars, clubs, sports stadiums. And now Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi is delivering rich and interactive experiences pervasively to fans anytime, anywhere.


Notes: More details of Cisco Aironet 3500 Series you can see Cisco’s official website.

Meanwhile, there are also some other popular Cisco wireless products for enterprise, business such as 1520 Mesh Access Point, Cisco 1410 Series Bridge, 1310 Access Point Bridge, 1250 Series Access Point, 1240 Series Access Point, 1140 Series Access Point, etc. 

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Connected stadium by Cisco is really a great idea. As a spectator whether he/she is doing a business or a job, this idea brings more flexibility as spectators will feel that they are watching a<br /> live match at home. Sharing to facebook,twitter or google plus becomes instant. I do not know how this idea going to work out, I see only benefits initially.