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Cisco CCNA Exam #640-507: Routing and Switching

July 23 2012 , Written by Cisco & Cisco Router, Network Switch Published on #Cisco Certification - CCNA - CCNP - CCIE



1. What are three reasons why VLAN's should be created? (Choose three.)

A. Moves, Adds and Changes are made simpler.

B. There is less administrative overhead.

C. The switch can route between VLANS.

D. It limits broadcasts domains.

E. The router can switch faster.


2. Which of the following best describe full duplex Ethernet? (Select all that apply.)

A. allows simultaneous transmission and reception of packets on one pair of wires.

B. allows simultaneous transmission and reception of packets on two pair of wires.

C. uses only point-to-point connections.

D. uses point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections.


3. When a TCP/IP host sends data over the network, it goes through different stages of encapsulation. Please pick the answer that best represents the order of encapsulation.

A. Application data, frames, segments, packets, bits

B. Application data, segments, bits, packets, frames

C. Application data, segments, packets, frames, bits

D. Application data, packets, segments, frames, bits

E. Application data, segments, packets, bits, frames


4. Given the following address, which of the following are true? (Select all correct choices.)

A. This is a broadcast address.

B. This is a network address.

C. This is a host address.

D. This address is on network

E. This address is on network


5. Which of the following addresses can be given to devices in network with a standard subnet mask? (Select all that apply.)






6. A router provides what functionality? (Select all that apply.)

A. greater administrative control than a switch or bridge

B. lower latency than a switch or a bridge

C. lower latency than a bridge

D. greater functionality than a switch or a bridge

E. a way to communicate between VLANs


7. Which of the following IP protocols is commonly used to find a destination’s MAC address?







8. How can you view real-time statistics related to the interfaces on the router? (Select all that apply.)

A. show statistics

B. show interface statistics

C. show int

D. show interface


9. If an interface indicates that the hardware is up but the line protocol is down, what could be the problem? (Select all that apply.)

A. No keepalives

B. No clock rate

C. Wrong connector

D. No carrier detect from the other end


10. How do you make a router boot from ROM?

A. set the last four bits of the configuration register to 0x0000

B. enter the "boot system rom" command in the configuration file

C. enter the "boot system rom 0x0000" command in the configuration file

D. enter the "boot system flash c2500-js-l" command in the configuration file



1) ABD. If a workstation moves, there is a good chance the move is within the same VLAN. If we have a good design of a single subnet within each VLAN, there will be no need to reconfigure the workstation with a new layer 3 addresses. Each VLAN defines a broadcast domain.

2) BC. Full duplex Ethernet uses 2 pair of wires just like half duplex Ethernet. With full duplex, 1 pair is dedicated for one machine to transmit and the other pair is dedicated for the other machine to transmit. It only works on point-to-point links, no hubs are allowed.

3) C. Network application data is encapsulated in a segment. A segment is encapsulated in a packet. A packet is encapsulated in a frame. The frame is sent as bits across the wire. At the other side of the communication, the encapsulation is stripped off layer by layer until the receiving computer has obtained the Application layer information.

4) CE. The address, although it looks like a broadcast, is not. By virtue of its subnet mask, the address is simply a host on the very large network.

5) ABD. The subnet mask is used to identify the network portion and the host portion of the address. For example, when you use the default subnet mask of, the first two 255.255 octets represent the network address and the last two 0.0 octets represent the host addresses. These octets are representation of binary numbers where 11111111 equals 255. In binary, the host portion of the address cannot be all 1's or all 0's. This is a class B address, so the last 2 octets represent the host portion of the address.

6) ADE. Routers are more complex devices than switches or bridges. This complexity gives more administrative control and functionality than switches or bridges, but slows down the device, which increases latency. Since VLANs are individual broadcast domains, routers are used for inter-VLAN communication.

7) C. Address resolution protocol is used by TCP/IP to find the MAC of a station that you already know the IP address of. To send a packet over Ethernet, Token Ring or FDDI, you must have a Data Link header containing a destination MAC address. RARP is the opposite of ARP, resolves the IP address to a known MAC address. BOOTP, DNS and DHCP offer remote booting, name services, and dynamic IP addressing services.

8) CD. The "show int" and "show interface" command is an abbreviation of the command "show interfaces" and lists all the interfaces on the router along with current statistics for these interfaces.

9) ABC. When the hardware is up that means that we are receiving carrier detect from the other side. When the line protocol is down that means we are not able to actually send or receive frames on that line, which could be a connector, keep alive or clock rate problem.

10) B. If the last 4 bits of the configuration register equal 0000, then the router will boot into ROM monitor mode and not load any operating system. Entering "boot system rom" in the configuration file will cause the router to load the operating system from ROM (assuming the configuration register ends in 0x2 through 0xf). ROM in all caps is the accepted way to notate read-only memory; while not case sensitive the lower case rom is normally used at the command line in the Cisco IOS.


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