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Cisco Branch Router Series Platform

April 2 2013 , Written by Cisco & Cisco Router, Network Switch Published on #Cisco Routers

Small Branch Office Cisco ISR 1941W Platform



To simulate a small branch office, the Cisco ISR 1941W was configured as a branch router serving a dozen employees. Primary network connectivity was established via a public internet connection with a DMVPN (Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network) encrypted link to corporate headquarters. A 3G wireless data connection was setup for branch redundancy in the event of a primary WAN link failure. The Cisco ISR 1941W was also configured to support wireless utilizing 802.11n radio to extend the corporate wireless network into the branch office as well as provide guest network connectivity for visitors to the office. Security features–Zone Based Firewall, Cisco IOS IPS and content filtering were activated. The Voice services were provided by a headquarters-based CUCM (Cisco Unified Communications Manager).


Medium Branch Office Cisco ISR 2911 Platform


A medium branch office deployment was simulated using a Cisco ISR 2911. This branch scenario supports about 25 users. Primary and backup network connections were to be provided by two separate Ethernet WAN links. An IP WAN provided primary network connectivity with a DMVPN secure connection serving as backup to corporate headquarters. Security features – Zone Based Firewall, Cisco IOS IPS were activated. Voice services were provided by a headquarters-based CUCM with local POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) access from the Cisco ISR 2911. Cisco Unified SRST (Survivable Remote Site Telephony) was supported to provide redundant local call control in the branch offices in the event the central CUCM is unreachable. Telepresence and video are also supported and enabled for this deployment.


Large Branch Office Cisco ISR 2951 Platform


A large branch with 40 to 60 users was created using a Cisco ISR 2951. In this scenario, the 2951 was configured to provide both primary and backup corporate access via an IP WAN connection as the primary connection to the headquarters and a public Internet connection with a DMVPN secure connection acting as backup. In this scenario the Cisco 2951 was configured to support all voice functions including Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CUCME) for call control and voice-mail with Cisco Unity Express. Local PSTN access is provided by a SIP trunk from the 2951 to the local phone network. Zone Based Firewall, Cisco IOS IPS and Cisco WAAS were also activated in the router.


Regional Branch Office Cisco ISR 3945 Platform


A large regional office with 150 or more employees was simulated with a Cisco 3945. Primary and backup connectivity to the headquarters was provided with redundant IP WAN connections. The Cisco 3945 series was configured tosupport CUBE (Cisco Unified Border Element) functionality for call control in conjunction with a CUCM at corporate headquarters. SRST functionality was also enabled at the Cisco 3945 in the event that connectivity with the central CUCM is lost. Local PSTN access was provided by a SIP trunk to the local telephone network. Zone Based Firewall, Cisco IOS IPS and Cisco WAAS were also activated in the router.


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