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What Benefits Can You Get from The Cisco ONE Software?

June 12 2016 , Written by Cisco & Cisco Router, Network Switch Published on #Cisco & Cisco Network, #Cisco License

Cisco ONE Software Includes Three Product Types: Foundation, Advanced Applications and Advanced Security

Cisco ONE Software Includes Three Product Types: Foundation, Advanced Applications and Advanced Security

How to make you software buying simple? You may hear about the Cisco ONE Software. Cisco introduced it at Cisco Live last year. And What is the exact Cisco ONE Software? How to make you software buying simple? You may hear about the Cisco ONE Software. Cisco introduced it at Cisco Live last year. And What is the exact Cisco ONE Software?

Cisco ONE Software helps customers purchase the right software capabilities to address their business needs. These products offer a greater value to customers with more features at “better together” pricing. They provide reduced complexity, simplified buying and the peace of mind that today’s software investments today will last into the future. Cisco ONE Software is organized by domains (Data Center, WAN, and Access) and feature sets (Foundation, Advanced Applications, and Advanced Security).

Cisco ONE for Data Center provides functionality for physical and virtualized data centers, across network and compute resources, and provides secure, scalable support for private and hybrid clouds.

Cisco ONE for WAN provides complete functionality for the branch and network edge.

Cisco ONE for Access offers a comprehensive feature set for wired and wireless access.

Finally, Cisco ONE Advanced Security provides a robust set of threat defense capabilities and central policy management. Rather than piece together the features needed, these products provide crossfunctional, use-case-based software sets to enable the performance, scale, and security needed in today’s IT environments.

Cisco ONE Software Includes Three Product Types: Foundation, Advanced Applications and Advanced Security

Cisco ONE Software provides customers with four key benefits:

1. Access to ongoing innovation and new technology from Cisco through Cisco Software Support Service (SWSS)

2. Investment protection of software purchases through software services-enabled license portability

3. Software suites that address typical customer use case scenarios at an attractive price

4. Flexible licensing models to smoothly distribute customer’s software spending over time

Addressing Your Business Challenges

Customers have told us that they want more value for their money, protection for their investments, access to the latest technology, and predictable technology spend. As budgets continue to shrink, IT needs to deliver more capabilities at a lower price point. Companies are tired of “throwing money away” every time they refresh their network, by having to repurchase the software necessary to operate their environment. At the same time, only a small portion of companies are able to adopt the latest technology, either due to budget limitations or the fear of investing in unproven technology. Finally, CFOs are demanding that IT becomes more predictable and consistent with technology spend.

Cisco ONE for Data Center

Cisco ONE for Data Center enables automated, policy-based cloud computing. Reduce cost and increase IT agility by securing private and hybrid cloud deployments for both physical and virtual environments.

The Data Center Foundation products provide functions such as automated application policy mapping, multi-tenancy support and business continuity, unified management, and infrastructure orchestration. These products support varied and demanding data center infrastructures. They are highly scalable, increasing flexibility and responsiveness to changing workloads and business conditions. And they provide extensive integration with automation and orchestration tools.

• The Data Center Advanced Applications products provide additional cloud visibility and control, storage network management, site to site encryption, and cloud infrastructure resource pooling with secure isolation. These products create an open and flexible solution that provides complete freedom in workload placement per business needs, while ensuring the same network security, quality of service (QoS), and access control policies in public cloud as in the data center.

Cisco ONE for WAN

Cisco ONE for WAN provides functions for the branch office and network edge. If you want to implement new branch-office initiatives and secure IP WAN connections, look no further.

• The Foundation for WAN product manages, secures, and optimizes your WAN to:

- Provide great user experiences with application and network performance monitoring

- Help ensure video and other media-rich application performance with application acceleration and WAN optimization

- Enhance security with network access control and encryption

- Gain energy cost savings and power management with Cisco EnergyWise energy management

- Save IT time with zero-touch deployment and protocol visibility

• The WAN Advanced Applications products provide sophisticated capabilities for remote branch facilities to:

- Quickly automate and secure your branch offices with audit tracking

- Expand highly available unified communications across your branches and beyond, even into your service provider network

- Extend rich media capabilities with secure video

- Stay secure with encryption and VPN support

- Enhance application performance by choosing the best path for critical applications

Cisco ONE for Access

Cisco ONE for Access provides performance, control, and security for wired and wireless access.

• The Access Foundation products provide a central policy engine and single management console for converged infrastructure, so you can:

- Simplify management with a single controller for both wired and wireless converged architecture

- Safeguard your network with sophisticated access control

- Improve performance and network analytics with QoS tools

- Improve the user experience with video compression and session management

- Gain deeper levels of application visibility and control with context-aware, secure access

• The Access Advanced Applications products provide guest access identity and advanced intrusion protection, allowing you to:

- Expand business mobility and create unique customer experiences with advanced location services and Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX)

- Enhance security and protect intellectual property with separate virtual networks across your entire infrastructure

- Scale routing and other protocols to meet the needs of even the largest enterprise networks

Security for Cisco ONE Software

Each domain in Cisco ONE Software offers security products for use on external appliances. These products enable you to:

• Safeguard your infrastructure, your web, and your mobile users with next-generation firewall capabilities

• Reduce network operating costs by improving business-critical application performance

• Defend your network in real time while keeping informed of the latest threats

• Maintain network-wide policy consistency and troubleshoot security issues more quickly

In addition, Identity Services for Access allows:

• More fine-grained control with context-aware security

• Business mobility with enhanced integration of mobile device management

Services for Cisco ONE Software Help Simplify Management

Services from Cisco and our certified partners enable the primary features of Cisco ONE Software1 and help you maximize business outcomes and protect your investment. Pairing software and hardware support together provides the best set of benefits to reduce costs and keep your business on track.

For IT strategy and project-based service support, take a look at our professional services portfolio.

1 SWSS required for the first year for perpetual licenses with the option to renew; SWSS is included in the active subscription license for Cisco ONE Security and future subscription offerings.

Software Support Service

Our Software Support Service (SWSS) provides the technical support expertise you need to successfully navigate the rich features and functionality of Cisco ONE Software. SWSS provides access to ongoing innovation and entitlement to license portability, major software upgrades, minor software updates, access to our awardwinning Technical Assistance Center (TAC), and instant access to online resources. By providing an integrated and comprehensive service, we help you quickly resolve issues while seeing cost savings and productivity gains.

Cisco ONE Software Foundation and Advanced Applications suites both use Cisco Software Support Service (SWSS) for ongoing support and maintenance. Your SWSS contract provides:

• Access to the TAC for software issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

• Major upgrades, minor updates, and maintenance for licensed software applications

• Entitlement to software license portability

• Access to ongoing innovation

• Access to online resources

Software Support Service (SWSS) is required for Cisco ONE Software Suites at point of sale and for continued access to ongoing innovation and license portability beyond year one.

Smart Net Total Care

To help ensure coverage for your Cisco base OS software and hardware, we highly recommend Cisco Smart Net Total Care (SNTC) which provides 24-hour global support for the underlying hardware platforms where Cisco ONE Software is deployed.

Cisco Smart Net Total Care includes access to TAC for hardware, the base OS, and entitlement to smart capabilities to reduce your operating expenses and free your IT staff to focus on business innovation. Entitlement to smart capabilities provides selfservice access to the SNTC portal, free download of the Cisco collector software, and community support for the portal and collector.

SNTC includes:

• Access to the TAC for hardware and base OS software issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

• Software updates for base OS software

• Access to online resources

• Advance hardware replacement

• Entitlement to smart capabilities

Professional Services

Our professional services can be easily attached with Cisco ONE Software. These services have been specially designed to accelerate innovation benefits in your IT environment. To plan and design new IT initiatives, take a look at our Cisco Quick Start Services. And to gain maximum value, Cisco Optimization Services are also available for all data center, WAN, and access capabilities included with Cisco ONE Software.

Benefits for Your Organization

With Cisco ONE Software, your organization gains:

• The software necessary to enable key business solutions at an attractive price point

• Ongoing innovation through major release upgrades and minor updates ensure your software operates smoothly and is always up to date

• Investment protection with services-enabled software license portability across hardware refresh cycles

• Flexibility of license migration from physical devices to virtual machines

• Better budget control with flexible subscription or perpetual buying options

• Faster access to new Cisco software features and products

Reference from http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/products/collateral/software/one-software/at-a-glance-c45-731841.pdf

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